Khakasian Ethno-Cultural Park "HARA SUG"

HARA SUG -Discover a world of serenity and peace!

120 km from Abakan city "Khakas ethno-cultural Park " HARA SUG" is a Unique recreation, leisure and services in comfortable yurts.

LOCATION:    120км from Abakan city; 18 км from Sorsk city / Follow Federal highway Р257 "Yenisei",then near Prigorsk (ПРИГОРСК) turn to Sorsk city - dirrection to D. Erbinskoe (д.ЕРМАКОВСКОЕ), behind village - 1.5 km turn to TUMANNIY (П.Туманный)

ADRESS:    Tumanniy posyolok/ Bogradskiy region/ Russian Federation 655355
GPS: N 54.087; E 90.327

tel:+7 962 548 45 46;    tel:+7 962 848 45 46
e-mail:  prime@